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“Family Dinner” – A Sermon for Maundy Thursday

Luke 22:1-27 There is something powerful about sharing a meal. According to surveys, more families are eating together. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse conducted a survey and found that almost 60% of families with children under 18 … Continue reading

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Jesus, Water Fountains, and Wedding Cakes

In the 1960’s, “States’ Rights” meant the “right”to discriminate against people of color. Today, “Religious Liberty” means the “liberty” to discriminate against LGBTQ folks. Advocates of both have invoked Christ. But Christ no more died on the cross so you … Continue reading

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If Jesus going to the Cross was all about love, why do I see so much hatred and judgment in churches?

This year’s Easter sermon responded to”Five Easter Questions to Answer for Millennials.”  Here is an excerpt, responding to the question in this post’s title. . . Hatred and judgment in churches.  As a pastor, should I be defensive? No. As a … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Pastor’s Best Picture Countdown 2016

It’s time for my annual ranking of the films nominated for Best Picture.  As in the past, these are not predictions,  but rather my opinion of which films are most worthy to win the Best Picture Oscar. (In fact my #8 … Continue reading

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Tamir: A Confession

I am complicit in your death, Tamir, and in the life-negating injustice which followed. I have never feared for my children’s safety in the presence of police officers. But police officers gunned you down as you played with a pellet … Continue reading

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“The Force Awakens” – A Christmas (Eve) Sermon

(You can listen to a podcast of this message here.  The telling of the Christmas Gospel on which it is based, Luke 2:1-20, can be heard here.) If the Star Wars universe was Lutheran, every time someone said, “May the … Continue reading

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Joseph Did You Know?

It was a wonderful half hour. It happened on the day my daughter, Autumn, was born.  She emerged into the world through a C-Section, and after the doctor was done with the delivery, and the nurses were through weighing her and … Continue reading

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