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Just War, Syria, and the Ethics of Doing Nothing

Have you ever done something just because a situation seemed to demand, “Do something!”? How did that work out for you? In my experience, not very well. Before I was a pastor, I worked with young people in trouble and … Continue reading

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Do I HAVE To? (No!)

I was talking with someone about universal salvation.  As I’ve said and written before, the idea that everyone gets saved at The End appeals to me, but I don’t think that’s what the Bible as a whole teaches.  If I’m … Continue reading

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Fifty-eight days ago I walked out of the church door.  This morning I return.  My eight weeks plus one day sabbatical is done. Last week I ran into someone from church who said something like, “I guess you’re bummed out.  … Continue reading

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Jesus Fish Evolution

For a few years, a betta fish lived in a bowl on my church office desk.  (“Betta than what fish?” the punsters reading will ask. But I will ignore them for now.)  As a pastor who had to learn New … Continue reading

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Kid’s Jeopardy!: The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeatt

Something exciting and inspiring happened on Jeopardy! last Wednesday.  But unless you were watching, you probably didn’t hear about it.  The awesome achievement has been drowned out by something else that occurred on the same episode that is symptomatic of … Continue reading

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