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Noah, the Film: A Rant, a Review, and a Recommendation

Justice and mercy. Those are the big themes of the new Darren Aronofsky version of Noah that opened to huge ticket sales and significant controversy this weekend. In the midst of big-budget CGI effects – supposedly the most complex ever produced … Continue reading

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Forbidden Brownies (Our Story)

In our bickering about whether Genesis 3 is literally true or allegory, we miss the real Truth: either way, Genesis 3 is Our Story . . . Once upon a time, my mom made the most amazing brownies.  When they … Continue reading

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Some Rhetorical Questions about Love, Foot Washing, and Gaydar

Questions for the day:  If proposed legislation passes that would “protect” Christian businesses from having to serve gay folks, how will those Christians know who is gay and who is not?  Where exactly is gaydar on those lists of gifts … Continue reading

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Overflowing with Hope? (A Juvenile Justice Story)

A post on Facebook this morning got me thinking about the 7 years  I worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer . . . (Name and some details have been changed.) I got to know Thomas when I was working as … Continue reading

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Limping through Lent

Seven days down, 33 more to go . . . I know, that sort of sucks as a Lenten attitude.  And Jesus said when you fast, don’t go around all mopey advertising that you are fasting.  So I’m working on it.  … Continue reading

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Finding God in “Cosmos”

Apparently some Christians are outraged about the reboot of “Cosmos” that premiered last night on Fox (and several Fox-affiliated networks).  Here are some actual tweets: “Wow, and they (think) believing in God is insane? Takes more “faith” to believe what … Continue reading

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“Ashes to Ashes” – An Ash Wednesday Homily

Sometimes I’m surprised anyone shows up for Ash Wednesday worship. I mean, think of the primary message of this day, what I said to you when you received ashes and what you heard me recite over and over to others: … Continue reading

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Israel, “Where God Is Not a Long Distance Call”?

(The fourth in a series of posts in which I reflect on my “group study pilgrimage” to Israel, February 10-20. Earlier posts here , here , and here.)   The first time I made it to the Western Wall a torrential rainstorm had just … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Pastor’s Best Picture Countdown 2014 – Part Two

Here’s the conclusion of my ranking of the nine Best Picture nominees for Sunday’s Academy Awards.  Part One, with films #9-5, is HERE. I had lots of trouble ranking these top four films.  Any of them would be a worthy … Continue reading

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