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“That Sucks!”

Here are two words that I have come to believe can be powerful in expressing empathy: That sucks! (“That sucks!” can of course be moderated depending upon the recipient.  “That stinks!” or, “That’s awful!” or, “I can’t imagine!” or, “That’s … Continue reading

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My Neighbor, Trayvon. My Neighbor, George.

When the expert on the law asked Jesus “Who is my neighbor,” the lawyer’s intent was to limit his responsibility.  Surely his neighbors were only people just like him.  But Jesus answered not with a definition but with a parable, … Continue reading

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Coming to Peace with the World (Disney World, that is)

The relationship began with infatuation.  Our first, brief encounter lasted only a few days but I was totally smitten.  She was exciting and wonderful and new.  As I got older, it was only the excitement I craved, but what she … Continue reading

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Too Smart for God – The Bumper Sticker Version

It’s always seemed kind of presumptuous to tell folks I’m working on a book.  I’ve gotten a little more comfortable with it lately  Partly that’s because I’ve felt more entitled  since I’ve started needing three digits to write the page … Continue reading

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Marriage Needs to Be Protected . . . From People Like Me

Hey fellow Christians, where’s the outcry?  Yesterday a law took effect – in southern-state Virginia, of all places – that is a threat to the very idea of marriage.  And it’s not about same-sex marriage.  As of July 1, people … Continue reading

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