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Are We All Atheists?

In reply to Monday’s “How to Chase Away an Atheist” post, Benjamin Robb wrote: I am wondering what you think of author Richard Dawkins’ observation: “We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. … Continue reading

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How NOT To Chase Away an Atheist

In Monday’s post, “How To Chase Away an Atheist,” I listed “Ten Ways To Repel Non-Christians.”  It was by far the biggest day the blog’s had so far.  Which is great; maybe Christians will be less repellent when dealing with … Continue reading

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How To Chase Away an Atheist

When I was an unChristian (i.e. atheist/agnostic), lots of well-meaning believers turned me right off with their misguided attempts at evangelizing.  Or maybe they really were trying to get rid of me.  Either way, here are .  . . 10 … Continue reading

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“The Hunger Games” at Midnight

All I asked of “The Hunger Games” was that it keep me awake.  I’ve not read any of the books and probably would have waited for the DVD if my daughter hadn’t so wanted to be among the first to … Continue reading

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Fear Kills

What would cause a man packing a handgun to pursue another, younger man armed only with a pack of Skittles and a bottle of iced tea?  And what would be at the root of the confrontation that took place that … Continue reading

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“The Only Friend I Have Left Is Darkness”

What a difference one number can make!  There’s a big difference between Psalm 88 (from which the title of this post comes) and Psalm 89. During Lent, we’re having morning prayer at the  church each day at 7am.  This is something … Continue reading

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They Will Know We Are Christians By Our . . . Hate (?)

On Tuesday, our county received an unwelcome visit from members of Westboro Baptist “Church.”  You may know them better as the “God Hates F-gs” church (they are apparently happy with that nickname – it’s the address of their website).  That … Continue reading

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Because I Love Him

The Adoption Blessing I described in Monday’s post got me thinking about how much I have been blessed by adoption.  Especially since the kid I was blessed to adopt turned 21 this week. Twenty -one! He was only three when … Continue reading

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An Adoption Blessing

(If you’re looking for the actual Adoption Blessing, it’s about halfway down the page.  You are welcome to use or adapt it for your congregation.) Although I am still surprised to be a pastor, most of the time I am … Continue reading

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Famous Radio Host* Apologizes (*Not Who You Think)

I’ve never understood the desire to publicly predict the end of the world.  What’s the payoff?  Either you’re wrong and look ridiculous, or you’re right and no one is around to offer their congratulations. Last year, Harold Camping put himself … Continue reading

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