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Why Are Atheists So Bad?

You know that saying about how there are no stupid questions? There are exceptions . . . A Facebook friend posted a link to this query on the Quora  question and answer website:  This may sound naive, but what keeps … Continue reading

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How NOT To Chase Away an Atheist

In Monday’s post, “How To Chase Away an Atheist,” I listed “Ten Ways To Repel Non-Christians.”  It was by far the biggest day the blog’s had so far.  Which is great; maybe Christians will be less repellent when dealing with … Continue reading

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How To Chase Away an Atheist

When I was an unChristian (i.e. atheist/agnostic), lots of well-meaning believers turned me right off with their misguided attempts at evangelizing.  Or maybe they really were trying to get rid of me.  Either way, here are .  . . 10 … Continue reading

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