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Grace and Consequences

On May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II entered St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.   Mehmet Ali Ağca was waiting with a gun. Ağca pulled the trigger. Four bullets hit the pope, and he was rushed to the hospital where he … Continue reading

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Grace? I Object!

I have heard all the objections to grace. I have spoken them myself. The primary objections are these: It’s too easy! It’s not fair! I hear them every time I teach or preach about grace. I heard some of them yesterday in … Continue reading

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Grace Has No “If”

“I forgive you” is GRACE. “I forgive you, if . . .” is not. That’s the conclusion we reached last evening as we talked about grace and forgiveness in our weekly Bible Study. (This fall we’re studying What’s So Amazing About … Continue reading

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