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My Only Friend is Darkness – A Sermon about Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health

(Sermon preached at Christ Lutheran (ELCA) Church of Millersville, Maryland. You can see a video of the sermon here, – about 5:40 is the start of the sermon – or a podcast here.  The text is Psalm 88.) My only … Continue reading

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Making the Devil Mad (or something like that)

The funeral last week celebrated the life of a dear 84-year old woman who I will especially miss because she lived on the route I take daily to walk my dogs.  Before it got too cold in the past few … Continue reading

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“. . . in the best possible light”

Just a quick thought . . . We deepen division and obliterate even the possibility of relationship when we define those with whom we disagree according to the most extreme proponents and positions of their convictions. What if we stopped awfulizing religions (or lack thereof), political … Continue reading

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What Must I Do To Be Saved? (Plus a story about a free hot dog)

I’ve had more requests for this sermon based on Acts 16:16-34 than any in a while. I think it’ s because it’s a clear explication of grace. At least I hope it’s not just because of the hot dog story … Continue reading

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If Martin Luther Was on Facebook . . .

A local church’s lawn sign states: “What Do I Have To Do To Be Saved? – Nothing”.  Really – nothing?!!!! That was a Facebook post by a friend and parishioner that showed up in my feed and kicked off a … Continue reading

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