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Celebrating Grace – Excerpt from Ten Year Ordination Anniversary Sermon

I can identify with Paul’s anger. In his letter to the Galatians, Paul was angry at anything – or anyone – that contradicted or got in the way of the message of Grace he was called to preach. Paul had … Continue reading

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Making the Devil Mad (or something like that)

The funeral last week celebrated the life of a dear 84-year old woman who I will especially miss because she lived on the route I take daily to walk my dogs.  Before it got too cold in the past few … Continue reading

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After the Election: A Pastoral Letter

Like many congregations, the people I serve as pastor are of diverse opinions about politics . . . and many other subjects. After the election last week, I wrote this letter to the congregation, emphasizing our unity in baptism and in mission. … Continue reading

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“I’m Not Very Religious”

I met her at the door after worship. This young adult had come to church at the behest of a family member. If enduring the service wasn’t bad enough, now there was no clear path to the exit;  she had to wait … Continue reading

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The Trumptape: Silence is Assent

I have certainly heard the reprehensible attitudes expressed by Donald Trump and Billy Bush in their taped 2005 conversation. But not in any “locker room.” Mr. Trump and Mr. Bush echo the misogynistic mindset of many sexual offenders I dealt … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Pastor Goes to Camp

What does hope look like? For me last week it looked like 70-some young people, from 8 years old through high school age, singing crazy camp songs, laughing, learning, and listening to camp stories, swimming and zip-lining and sitting in … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Narthex

Last Sunday I removed the narthex from the church I serve. Some of you may be wondering, “What’s a narthex?” It is for you that our narthex was eliminated. In a church building, the narthex is the entrance lobby, the room … Continue reading

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