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Kid’s Jeopardy!: The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeatt

Something exciting and inspiring happened on Jeopardy! last Wednesday.  But unless you were watching, you probably didn’t hear about it.  The awesome achievement has been drowned out by something else that occurred on the same episode that is symptomatic of … Continue reading

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Pastor Dave’s Dozen Tips for a Successful Game Show Audition

And now for something completely different . . . People sometimes ask, “So how did you get on Jeopardy / Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”  You have to pass a test, then audition.  All game shows that I know … Continue reading

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Big Dreams, A Bigger Dreamer

(Last evening I had the privilege of giving the graduation address at Trinity Lutheran Middle School.  It is the school affiliated with the church I served for over 10 years as a layperson and as a pastor.  I also taught … Continue reading

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The Absent-Minded Pastor

Being absent-minded means stepping into the bathroom and hoping you have to unzip your pants. If you’re really absent-minded then you’re not worrying about whether the zipper is up, but whether there is one at all.  Did I remember to … Continue reading

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Stump the Pastor in WaWa or Why I Wear a Clerical Collar

What a long line at WaWa this morning!  I was there on my daily visit to buy coffee, and although it was rush hour both on the road and inside the WaWa there was only one register open.  Thankfully, a guy appeared … Continue reading

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