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The Church Is Not Hogwarts – Conclusion: The Big Lie

The church is not Hogwarts, where we go to learn the right words to say when we want stuff or when we want something to happen. And I don’t want anyone to get that impression. When I pray in public, … Continue reading

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The Church Is Not Hogwarts – Part One

(I was recently asked why I pray extemporaneously in church rather than reading prayers I or someone else have written beforehand.  Here’s my answer for Christians and non-Christians . . .) Speaking  of music on airplanes (which I did in … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Pastor’s Oscar Countdown

I’m usually only posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but today I saw the last of the 9 films nominated for Best Picture this year and I wanted to get this up before the Oscars Sunday night.   These are not … Continue reading

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The Church Is Going to Crash!

“We’re going to crash,” said the man on my plane . . . For a long time, I rejected faith in stuff I thought was just  too stupid to believe.  But at 30,000 feet I strove to be a believer, … Continue reading

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Confession BY the Church – Some Thoughts for Ash Wednesday

Most folks associate Ash Wednesday with individual confession and repentance.  But what about confession and repentance by the church? One of my favorite chapters in Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz (which I was happy to read has been made into a movie) takes … Continue reading

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The Worst Kind of Medicine?

I wish I’d read the article in yesterday’s Washington Post before I preached yesterday.  I would’ve spent more time on the portion of my sermon that went something like this (I preached from notes not a manuscript therefore “something”): Sometimes … Continue reading

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Quantum God

I am intrigued by quantum physics.  I don’t get all the math, but just trying to grasp the mysterious properties of matter in its infinitesimally smallest bits keeps me transfixed. Right now, among the other books I’m reading is Absolutely … Continue reading

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