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Hot Topics

Tonight is the “Hot Topics” class in our “Questions for God” Bible Study.  That’s the Wednesday evening course that’s based on questions submitted by my congregation.  It’s been a well-attended, fun to teach course.  The best part is that I’ve … Continue reading

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Big Dreams, A Bigger Dreamer

(Last evening I had the privilege of giving the graduation address at Trinity Lutheran Middle School.  It is the school affiliated with the church I served for over 10 years as a layperson and as a pastor.  I also taught … Continue reading

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Maryland 5-0

So, now I’m 50.  The big 5-0.  Half a century. It’s only a number, right?  But the arrival of my AARP Card in last week’s mail was something of a shock. I remember how old 50 used to seem. In … Continue reading

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La-Z-Boys, Italian Greyhounds, and God

Tucker, the oldest of our two Italian Greyhounds (he’s the black and white one in the picture) is sitting in the red La-Z-Boy chair across the room from me.  Tucker and his cousin Blu often keep me company as I … Continue reading

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More Bad Bumper Sticker Theology

Put “self-help” into Amazon’s search engine, and you get 259,852 books. The Bible is not on that list.  If anything, the Bible is an “I can’t help myself” book. “God helps those who help themselves” isn’t in the Bible.  But … Continue reading

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Bad Bumper Sticker Theology

I heard it again.  At the youth retreat last weekend, no less.  It is a shame that kids get indoctrinated with the same soul-killing bumper sticker misreadings of the Bible that burden adults. I am sad when I hear an … Continue reading

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Easter Promises for Mother’s Day

(Like many folks, I will not be celebrating this Mother’s Day with my mom.  Her life on this earth came to an end last year.  In her memory, and for others who miss their moms this Mother’s Day, here is … Continue reading

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