3 Responses to My Mom the Sinner

  1. Peggy P. says:

    I agree with you! Let people live their lives the best they can! God made us all!


  2. David says:

    Jesus would be right at home here, in His day, Israel was crawling with people who were only to happy to say “the law says you shouldn’t do this, so don’t do it!”, and Jesus pointing out the humanitarian alternative. Were the Pharisees and Saducees right that the Law condemned a certain behaviour (let’s say, working on the Sabbath). Yes, they were (and they went in knowing they were right, or else they wouldn’t say anything). But Jesus pointed out the the law can’t be wielded as a blunt instrument without thinking of human compassion.

    So, does the Bible say living “in sin” is wrong? Yes (at least, the prevailing wisdom is, anyways, I don’t know the chapter and verse that explicitly calls your mom and others in similar situations a sinner, and I happen to consider myself very famliar with the Bible). But is living in sin for the reasons your mom did wrong? Absolutely not. Jesus knows that there is leeway in the law, and must be judged on situations, not by rigidity. (If Jesus were around today, He’d have a heyday with the “Zero Tolerance” laws that are so prominent lately). It doesn’t meant hat everyone who lives in sin is justified, especially if they’re doing it to spite God. But situations like your mom’s are absolutely acceptable, as the alternative is compassionless, and therefore not Scripturally sound.

    Every rule has its exceptions, even God’s.


  3. Donna Hostetler says:

    Points well taken. Thanks fir being bold and direct in challenging judgemental attitudes.


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