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God the Cosmic Artist

Back before I was a Christian, folks would ask me why I didn’t believe in God. Science always figured prominently in my response. Scientists had explained much of what had been attributed to deity over the centuries; it seemed inevitable … Continue reading

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Finding God in “Cosmos”

Apparently some Christians are outraged about the reboot of “Cosmos” that premiered last night on Fox (and several Fox-affiliated networks).  Here are some actual tweets: “Wow, and they (think) believing in God is insane? Takes more “faith” to believe what … Continue reading

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Jesus Fish Evolution

For a few years, a betta fish lived in a bowl on my church office desk.  (“Betta than what fish?” the punsters reading will ask. But I will ignore them for now.)  As a pastor who had to learn New … Continue reading

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In the Beginning, God (and then some stuff happened)

I wish Christians would stop fixating on evolution and spend more time talking about Jesus Christ.  Look, if you want to believe that the earth is only 5000 years old, that everything was created in 6 literal days (with a … Continue reading

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Quantum God

I am intrigued by quantum physics.  I don’t get all the math, but just trying to grasp the mysterious properties of matter in its infinitesimally smallest bits keeps me transfixed. Right now, among the other books I’m reading is Absolutely … Continue reading

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