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The Unexpected Pastor’s Best Picture Countdown 2018

Here we go again! Every year I rank the films nominated for Best Picture. As always, these are not predictions nor is the order based on films I “liked” the most, but rather my opinion of which films are most … Continue reading

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Resurrection in That Place Past Hope

(Adapted from a sermon preached February 18, 2018, at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Millersville. You can listen to a podcast of the sermon here. The sermon text is The Raising of Lazarus, John 11:1-44.) When Jesus finally got to … Continue reading

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Fear of God, the Grand Canyon, and Aslan

Yesterday’s post, “Why Are Atheists So Bad,” catalyzed a great discussion involving Christians and unChristians on my Facebook page. Discussion is the best result I can hope for from a post. One of the topics of that discussion was the … Continue reading

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Why Are Atheists So Bad?

You know that saying about how there are no stupid questions? There are exceptions . . . A Facebook friend posted a link to this query on the Quora  question and answer website:  This may sound naive, but what keeps … Continue reading

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If You Want to Change the World . . . Don’t Make Your Bed

Admiral Willam H. McRaven gave the 2014 University of Texas  commencement address. Admiral McRaven inspired the graduates – and many who have who have heard the since-viral address – to change the world by following lessons he learned in Navy … Continue reading

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Nassar Survivor’s Wake-up Call to the Church

A couple of days ago I read a Huffington Post article about the first woman who had the courage to step forward and publicly accuse US Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar of abuse. Rachel Denhollander, one of 150 survivors who … Continue reading

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