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Women Who Challenged Moses (and God): The Daughters of Zelophehad

(This is the first sermon in a ten-week series, “Wonder Women of the Bible.” The story of the Daughters of Zelophehad takes place during the wilderness wandering of the People of Israel, and is recorded in Numbers 27:1-11. The sermon … Continue reading

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Children at the Border: The Cruelty of “Whatever Works”

“Just shooting one would be all that it takes . . .” In my mid 20’s  I worked for two years at a Wilderness Camp for delinquent young men. It was rewarding but often challenging and frustrating work. Living in … Continue reading

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An UpLyfting Ride

In these dark days of divisiveness, you’ve got to find hope where you can. Last week, hope surprised me in a grey Honda Accord. Lyft driver Rayan* picked me up at my San Diego Hotel. I’d spent a few days … Continue reading

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