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Getting Dad’s Car Stuck – A Father’s Day Remembrance

After I got my Driver’s License, I drove my dad’s car – a hulking, white Ford Galaxie 500.   Those cars were HUGE, like battleships on the street.  One night I was out with my girlfriend and I decided a … Continue reading

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Mystery: The Trinity, Juggling, and a Poem

Yesterday was Trinity Sunday, the day set aside for congregations to contemplate the mystery of the three in oneness of God.  And for pastors to struggle at writing sermons that address church doctrine without putting their congregations to sleep. To … Continue reading

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Pastor Dave’s Dozen Tips for a Successful Game Show Audition

And now for something completely different . . . People sometimes ask, “So how did you get on Jeopardy / Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”  You have to pass a test, then audition.  All game shows that I know … Continue reading

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