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Last-Minute Conversions Are Definitely UNFAIR!

I agree. It’s not fair. It’s a question that comes up a lot. “Pastor Dave, how can somebody on their deathbed, who’d lived their life however they want, ask Jesus to forgive them and then get into heaven?  It’s not … Continue reading

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Why Did I Almost Die? The Answer . . .

There’s a reason for everything, right? A little over two months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my shoulder.  I couldn’t breathe without sitting up. Thanks to my wife, I went to … Continue reading

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An Intersection, a Truck, and the Randomness of the Universe (and God, too)

So this happened . . . I’m waiting to turn left at a long red light. There are two left turn lanes; I’m in the one on the right. A grey van is on my left. It’s not pulled all … Continue reading

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If Martin Luther Was on Facebook . . .

A local church’s lawn sign states: “What Do I Have To Do To Be Saved? – Nothing”.  Really – nothing?!!!! That was a Facebook post by a friend and parishioner that showed up in my feed and kicked off a … Continue reading

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“Jesus Wept”: A Sermon for All Saints Sunday

(I don’t post sermons very often, but this one is sort of timely and I had several requests for copies, so here it is from last Sunday, November 4 . . . ) Text: John 11:32-44 What a week, huh?  … Continue reading

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Is Faith Correlated to Religion? (and other great questions)

What a busy and challenging summer this has been.  Blogging has necessarily been on the back burner. What’s brought me out of my hiatus are heartfelt questions posted  a few days ago in response to my comments about the film … Continue reading

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