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Why Did I Almost Die? The Answer . . .

There’s a reason for everything, right? A little over two months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my shoulder.  I couldn’t breathe without sitting up. Thanks to my wife, I went to … Continue reading

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“That Sucks!”

Here are two words that I have come to believe can be powerful in expressing empathy: That sucks! (“That sucks!” can of course be moderated depending upon the recipient.  “That stinks!” or, “That’s awful!” or, “I can’t imagine!” or, “That’s … Continue reading

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Bad Bumper Sticker Theology

I heard it again.  At the youth retreat last weekend, no less.  It is a shame that kids get indoctrinated with the same soul-killing bumper sticker misreadings of the Bible that burden adults. I am sad when I hear an … Continue reading

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