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Poisonous Generalizations After – and Before – Chattanooga

It didn’t take long after the tragic shooting deaths of five Marines for the venomous voices of generalized hate to begin their bellow. The murderer was a Muslim. Therefore all Muslims are dangerous.  Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with anger.  Damn … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Bible Verses

Is there a conspiracy by Bible publishers edit, abrade, scour, or otherwise corrupt the Holy Scriptures? Maybe you’ve seen the urgent Facebook posts – “PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE” one begins – about the “missing” verses in the NIV and other newer Bible translations. … Continue reading

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God the Cosmic Artist

Back before I was a Christian, folks would ask me why I didn’t believe in God. Science always figured prominently in my response. Scientists had explained much of what had been attributed to deity over the centuries; it seemed inevitable … Continue reading

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