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Limping through Lent

Seven days down, 33 more to go . . . I know, that sort of sucks as a Lenten attitude.  And Jesus said when you fast, don’t go around all mopey advertising that you are fasting.  So I’m working on it.  … Continue reading

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Hello, Friend

Monday afternoon as we left the hospital I was angry.  I was angry that my daughter had to endure another infusion treatment for her Crohn’s Disease – 4 hours hooked up to an IV of God knows what chemicals.  I … Continue reading

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Don’t Read this Looking for Answers About God and Boston (or anything else)

I began this day sitting for almost an hour in a large medical office waiting room.  On one wall was a big-screen television, tuned to a local morning news show.  Of course most of the program was devoted to news … Continue reading

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Would You Like Fries With That . . . Prayer?

I admit that when I first saw the headline about the Prayer Drive-Thru at the Fort Lauderdale church, I was prepared to heap scorn, judgement and cynicism on the concept.  But after I got some details and after I thought about it … Continue reading

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“The Only Friend I Have Left Is Darkness”

What a difference one number can make!  There’s a big difference between Psalm 88 (from which the title of this post comes) and Psalm 89. During Lent, we’re having morning prayer at the  church each day at 7am.  This is something … Continue reading

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Ram Tough

Sometimes this Christian life stuff can be tough. Friday I was driving my daughter to school.  As usual, we were on the cusp of lateness.  The route is all winding back roads, lightly traveled but with two solid lines dividing the pavement … Continue reading

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The Church Is Not Hogwarts – Conclusion: The Big Lie

The church is not Hogwarts, where we go to learn the right words to say when we want stuff or when we want something to happen. And I don’t want anyone to get that impression. When I pray in public, … Continue reading

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