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It’s Not Just About Brock Turner: The “Rape Culture” Is US

(NOTE: This post contains some graphic language. If you are offended by the language, I hope you are infinitely more offended by the pervasive culture of rape and sexual assault this post addresses.) Men, we have to speak up and … Continue reading

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Joseph Did You Know?

It was a wonderful half hour. It happened on the day my daughter, Autumn, was born.  She emerged into the world through a C-Section, and after the doctor was done with the delivery, and the nurses were through weighing her and … Continue reading

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Eulogy for the Simpson Family Vacation

There was something . . . incomplete about our summer vacation this year. We spent a relaxing week at beautiful Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.  But there was something missing . . . My 23-year old son.  Philip had entered the … Continue reading

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Getting Dad’s Car Stuck – A Father’s Day Remembrance

After I got my Driver’s License, I drove my dad’s car – a hulking, white Ford Galaxie 500.   Those cars were HUGE, like battleships on the street.  One night I was out with my girlfriend and I decided a … Continue reading

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