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I'm an unexpected pastor. Why unexpected? Because no one is more surprised than me that I'm a pastor. See the "About" page on my blog for more info.

The Unexpected Pastor’s Best Picture Countdown 2021

This is the first year since . . . sometime in my early teens, I guess . . . that I have not seen any of the Best Picture nominees in a theater. I know it’s just one of many … Continue reading

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TOO SMART FOR GOD Is Now Available!

My book, Too Smart for God, is now available in paperback or Kindle on Here’s the description from the back of the book: Dave Simpson knew a lot of answers, but he didn’t know The Answer. A four-time Jeopardy! … Continue reading

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Car Theft and Ball Theft – A Story of Systemic Racism

Maybe this story of two incidents in the same week from my years as a Juvenile Probation Officer will help folks understand how structures and systems that perpetuate white privilege work, and why we need to work to change them: … Continue reading

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Why This Pastor Speaks about Racism

On Facebook, someone asked me why I posted about racism. Isn’t it a pastor’s job to be uplifting? Here is my response (slightly edited) . . . Racism is evil, even demonic. If followers of Christ do not confront evil, … Continue reading

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An Update About My Book, and a Chapter

The publication of my book Too Smart for God, has been delayed by the COVID-19 situation. In the meantime here is a chapter that did not make the final edit – consider it kind of  a “deleted scene.” Enjoy! CHAPTER … Continue reading

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I’m Not Dead Yet!

It’s my anniversary! Not my wedding anniversary. That’s coming up on Monday. It’s the third anniversary of the day my body tried to kill me.  The third anniversary of a doctor in the ER saying, “You have bilateral pulmonary embolisms.” … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Pastor’s Best Picture Countdown 2020

  When I was an adolescent just developing my passion for film, the Academy Awards seemed the definitive imprimatur of quality, significance, and enduring legacy. I have no defense except Paul’s in First Corinthians: “When I was a child, I … Continue reading

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My Only Friend is Darkness – A Sermon about Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health

(Sermon preached at Christ Lutheran (ELCA) Church of Millersville, Maryland. You can see a video of the sermon here, – about 5:40 is the start of the sermon – or a podcast here.  The text is Psalm 88.) My only … Continue reading

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The Bible: God’s Word in Conversation with God’s People

The Bible is the Word of God. Sure. I agree with that. It’s in the constitutions of my denomination (ELCA) and its individual congregations: The canonical Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the written Word of God. Inspired … Continue reading

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The Women Stayed – An Easter Sermon

(Sermon based on Matthew 28:1-10 preached at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Millersville on Easter Sunday 2019. You can hear a podcast of the sermon here.) How many times have we heard it? How many times have I preached it? … Continue reading

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