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Tamir: A Confession

I am complicit in your death, Tamir, and in the life-negating injustice which followed. I have never feared for my children’s safety in the presence of police officers. But police officers gunned you down as you played with a pellet … Continue reading

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“The Force Awakens” – A Christmas (Eve) Sermon

(You can listen to a podcast of this message here.  The telling of the Christmas Gospel on which it is based, Luke 2:1-20, can be heard here.) If the Star Wars universe was Lutheran, every time someone said, “May the … Continue reading

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Joseph Did You Know?

It was a wonderful half hour. It happened on the day my daughter, Autumn, was born.  She emerged into the world through a C-Section, and after the doctor was done with the delivery, and the nurses were through weighing her and … Continue reading

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Nothing To Do with My Savior

Fear provokes folks to do strange things. It inspired the president of the largest Christian University in the country to carry a handgun in his back pocket as he spoke to his students at a convocation this past Friday. He must be really … Continue reading

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Anxiety Sucks (And So Do Panic Attacks)

I did something death-defying last week. At least it felt death-defying, kind of like a paratrooper with acrophobia taking the first step out of an airplane. I did it even though I dreaded what might happen, even though the apprehension of … Continue reading

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