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O Dangerous Night! (A Christmas Eve Sermon)

(You can listen to a podcast of this message here.) Looking back, one of the reasons I rejected faith in God and especially the church when I was a young adult was that I thought Christianity had nothing to do … Continue reading

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Santa Is Spelled with the Same Letters as Satan!

Yeah, the title is a little over the top, but I figured it would get more hits than my first idea, “Santa Is Just Alright with Me.”  Lots of folks are probably too young to remember the Doobie Brothers, anyway. … Continue reading

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Keeping Christ in White Christmas

“Jesus was a white man.” Megyn Kelly of Fox “News” asserted this as  “verifiable fact” in the midst of an asinine conversation about the ethnicity of Santa. When I heard about it,  I  posted a mini-rant on Facebook: Megyn Kelly … Continue reading

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My Christmas Top Ten

My parents didn’t spend a lot of money on record albums when I was growing up.  They mostly listened to the radio.  But after Thanksgiving, we would pull down the box of Christmas albums out of the attic and for … Continue reading

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Christmas: Bill O’Reilly and Sara Palin vs. Jon Stewart . . . and Pope Francis?

“I thought Christians used to complain their holiday was getting too commercialized.  Are those days gone?” Good question, Jon Stewart. On the December 3 edition of The Daily Show, Stewart engaged in what he acknowledges is a yearly “dance” with … Continue reading

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“Philomena” – A Film Review and Reflection on What it Means to Be a Christian

“Your pain is penance for your sin.” That’s what the nuns said to Philomena as she screamed in agony.  Her newborn was breech; death was a real possibility for both Philomena and the baby.  But the nuns refused to call … Continue reading

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