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Joseph Did You Know?

It was a wonderful half hour. It happened on the day my daughter, Autumn, was born.  She emerged into the world through a C-Section, and after the doctor was done with the delivery, and the nurses were through weighing her and … Continue reading

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Signs of Things to Come – A Sermon for Transfiguration Sunday

(Lots of folks missed worship today due to weather, so here’s the sermon. The Scripture is Matthew 16:24-17:8, where Jesus says”Carry your cross” and then the Transfiguration is described.) I am going to do something this morning that I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Grace? I Object!

I have heard all the objections to grace. I have spoken them myself. The primary objections are these: It’s too easy! It’s not fair! I hear them every time I teach or preach about grace. I heard some of them yesterday in … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Wife Gets a Date

As surely as political attack ads proliferate prior to polling, stories with supposed challenges to Christianity pop up in newspapers and magazines right before Christmas and Easter. One year it’s “The Gospel of Judas,” the next it’s “The Jesus Tomb.” … Continue reading

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“Goose Bump Experiences” In the Holy Land

(The second in a series of posts in which I reflect on my “group study pilgrimage” to Israel, February 10-20. First post here.) I saw Lily Tomlin’s one-woman show, “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe,” way … Continue reading

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“Philomena” – A Film Review and Reflection on What it Means to Be a Christian

“Your pain is penance for your sin.” That’s what the nuns said to Philomena as she screamed in agony.  Her newborn was breech; death was a real possibility for both Philomena and the baby.  But the nuns refused to call … Continue reading

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Fifty-eight days ago I walked out of the church door.  This morning I return.  My eight weeks plus one day sabbatical is done. Last week I ran into someone from church who said something like, “I guess you’re bummed out.  … Continue reading

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My Neighbor, Trayvon. My Neighbor, George.

When the expert on the law asked Jesus “Who is my neighbor,” the lawyer’s intent was to limit his responsibility.  Surely his neighbors were only people just like him.  But Jesus answered not with a definition but with a parable, … Continue reading

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More Bad Bumper Sticker Theology

Put “self-help” into Amazon’s search engine, and you get 259,852 books. The Bible is not on that list.  If anything, the Bible is an “I can’t help myself” book. “God helps those who help themselves” isn’t in the Bible.  But … Continue reading

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Driving Home

I didn’t know I was on my way back to church – and back to God – as I made the hour drive to Karen’s house.  I thought I was just going on a date, meeting the woman who I … Continue reading

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