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The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Lack Nothing

(On Sunday, June 18, I preached about the 23rd Psalm. As I lived with the Psalm in preparation for the sermon, I experienced depth and richness far beyond what I could share in a single sermon. So this week I’ll … Continue reading

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Last-Minute Conversions Are Definitely UNFAIR!

I agree. It’s not fair. It’s a question that comes up a lot. “Pastor Dave, how can somebody on their deathbed, who’d lived their life however they want, ask Jesus to forgive them and then get into heaven?  It’s not … Continue reading

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An Intersection, a Truck, and the Randomness of the Universe (and God, too)

So this happened . . . I’m waiting to turn left at a long red light. There are two left turn lanes; I’m in the one on the right. A grey van is on my left. It’s not pulled all … Continue reading

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Unexpected Advent Reading: “The Stand”by Stephen King

When I began to reread Stephen King’s The Stand a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t realize it was perhaps the ideal book for this season of Advent. During Advent, our worship Scripture readings traditionally mix prophecies about the coming … Continue reading

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The Trumptape: Silence is Assent

I have certainly heard the reprehensible attitudes expressed by Donald Trump and Billy Bush in their taped 2005 conversation. But not in any “locker room.” Mr. Trump and Mr. Bush echo the misogynistic mindset of many sexual offenders I dealt … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Pastor Goes to Camp

What does hope look like? For me last week it looked like 70-some young people, from 8 years old through high school age, singing crazy camp songs, laughing, learning, and listening to camp stories, swimming and zip-lining and sitting in … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Brock Turner: The “Rape Culture” Is US

(NOTE: This post contains some graphic language. If you are offended by the language, I hope you are infinitely more offended by the pervasive culture of rape and sexual assault this post addresses.) Men, we have to speak up and … Continue reading

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