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Sunday Morning God TV . . . or Not

A couple of weeks ago I had a rare Sunday morning free (I was off and we worshiped earlier in the weekend).  In my hotel room, I sampled the many Christian television options available on the local cable system. Death and Damnation … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow, Jason Collins, and What It Means to be a Christian

We Begin with a Meme Tim Tebow: I’m Christian. Media: Keep it to yourself! Jason Collins: I’m gay. Media: This man’s a hero! Maybe you’ve seen a version of this internet meme circulated by shocked and dismayed Christians.  Here’s another … Continue reading

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Really? (or, Red Lights Aren’t Just on Christmas Trees)

There are a couple of ways you can pronounce the title of today’s blog post.  “Really?!” is a statement of joyful disbelief, when you can’t believe our good fortune.  You got the job you didn’t think you were qualified for.  … Continue reading

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January 2: Genesis 3-5; Psalm 2 The Bible starts off with pure awesomeness.  God brings order to chaos as everything that exists is created.  We get to watch as God the artist paints on an infinite canvas, shades of light … Continue reading

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