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Keeping Christ in White Christmas

“Jesus was a white man.” Megyn Kelly of Fox “News” asserted this as  “verifiable fact” in the midst of an asinine conversation about the ethnicity of Santa. When I heard about it,  I  posted a mini-rant on Facebook: Megyn Kelly … Continue reading

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My Neighbor, Trayvon. My Neighbor, George.

When the expert on the law asked Jesus “Who is my neighbor,” the lawyer’s intent was to limit his responsibility.  Surely his neighbors were only people just like him.  But Jesus answered not with a definition but with a parable, … Continue reading

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Still the Most Segregated Hour?

I was 15 years old in February, 1978 when the TV miniseries King was televised.  Race was not something that was ever really talked about in my family, but my desire to watch Paul Winfield’s portrayal of Dr. King over … Continue reading

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