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The Unexpected Pastor Goes to Camp

What does hope look like? For me last week it looked like 70-some young people, from 8 years old through high school age, singing crazy camp songs, laughing, learning, and listening to camp stories, swimming and zip-lining and sitting in … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Narthex

Last Sunday I removed the narthex from the church I serve. Some of you may be wondering, “What’s a narthex?” It is for you that our narthex was eliminated. In a church building, the narthex is the entrance lobby, the room … Continue reading

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A Church’s Radical Response to the Marriage Equality Decision

In response to the Supreme Court decision about marriage equality, we are going to try something radical at my church. Actually, what I should say is that we are going to continue to try something radical, as it is what God’s people have always … Continue reading

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Dave’s Letter to the Church at Millersville (The Power of the Gospel)

I wrote Sunday’s sermon in the form of a letter to my congregation based on the beginning of Paul’s letter to the church at Rome (Romans 1:1-17). The letter was read aloud by the lay worship assistant, interspersed with commentary by me. Here is … Continue reading

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Easter, The Last Two Minutes

(After I was done with the prepared part of my Easter Sermon, I spoke from my heart for a bit. Here’s sort of what I said – it wasn’t written down until now and it was a little different at … Continue reading

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“Ashes to Ashes” – An Ash Wednesday Homily

Sometimes I’m surprised anyone shows up for Ash Wednesday worship. I mean, think of the primary message of this day, what I said to you when you received ashes and what you heard me recite over and over to others: … Continue reading

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My Neighbor, Trayvon. My Neighbor, George.

When the expert on the law asked Jesus “Who is my neighbor,” the lawyer’s intent was to limit his responsibility.  Surely his neighbors were only people just like him.  But Jesus answered not with a definition but with a parable, … Continue reading

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